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Our Fleet

Minibus Hire our fleet
Newcastle minibuses are one of the biggest transportation solution providers in the United Kingdom and as such, have a large selection of vehicles to choose from so meeting your specific need will not be a problem. Contact us to discuss specific requirements.

The best thing about Newcastle minibus hire is not just the untouchable buses in our fleet, yet also the organization that can help us provide you with the perfect vehicle for your particular needs.
Upheld by the UK government, one of the biggest transportation solution providers in the United Kingdom, is ready to take advantage of a large arrange of vehicles for you and your group.

On the off chance that you have a mid-sized assemble, you do not have to pay for a bigger transport. Pay just for the capacity that you utilize, and only for the seats you require.
Get a mini transport rental that could accommodate anywhere from 8 to 17 passengers only from Newcastle Minibus Hire.

Consummate for a night on the town with friends, for short day trips with the entire family, or for celebrating life's turning points. Our minibus rentals have agreeable seats with a lot of legroom, substantial windows, and audiovisual equipment.
You do not only get a clean, very much kept up, and superb minibus from us, yet also a world of convenience, a professional and profoundly prepared driver, and best in class customer benefit each step of the way.

Mini Coach Hire

Take your office, seminar, or group on the road with Minibus hire Newcastle 24-32 passenger executive small scale coach transport rental. The official small scale coach bus rental is a luxurious bus that is also an affordable option for groups of up to 30 individuals ideally for airport transfers.

Perhaps you want to have the option to prepare more materials while on your way to a seminar or an exchange appear. On the other hand, have some last-minute gatherings on board. These are officially smaller than normal coach bus rental is also perfect for parties on the street.

Minibus Hire Newcastle Luxury Buses Come With The Following Features:
  • Plush, comfortable, leather seats.
    Nothing says luxury more than an agreeable leather seat that gives you a lot of space to move in. Our seats are so agreeable that you would not need to get out of it until you arrive at your destination.
    It is likewise great for a little nap while in transit, something you would appreciate after pulling a feverish dusk 'until dawn affair.

  • Meeting area tables.
    Our executive mini-coach transport rental has tables and seating for four, which permits you to have some last-minute brainstorming session or an impromptu meeting even before you get to your event. Either those or you can have a pleasant discussion over a hot cup of coffee in this area.

  • Highly prepared drivers.
    On the off chance that you need everyone on your team to pay attention, or if you are hosting a get-together that nobody wants to miss out on, then do not worry as we give you with a highly trained and professional driver to do the driving for you.

  • Large Coach Hire.
    Voyaging or going on a trek is always great with the entire family or with a gathering of companions. The more, the merrier, they always say. On the off chance that you have a large group travelling with you, coordination and transportation used to be a big problem.
    For one, you needed to make sure that everybody would be safely and efficiently seated, and sometimes sourcing a big enough transport would be troublesome. Now with, you can easily get a 49-passenger and a 56-traveller bus rental anywhere you need to go.

    What do you get with our Large Coach?

  • Comfortable and open seats.
    Our buses have a great deal of leg space and squirm room so you can be exceptionally comfortable during your trip. You are no more feeling cramped up! Unwind and enjoy your trips with us!

  • An expert and courteous driver.
    Get driven around by a driver who knows the roads like the back of his hand, giving you that feeling of safety you need and want.

  • Lots of storage.
    From the overhead compartment to baggage compartment, you have a whole lot of space to store your baggage, sports equipment and other stuff.

  • Relaxation and entertainment.
    There is no room to be exhausted on a 49-56-passenger transport because you have state of the craftsmanship varying media equipment on board. Screen a movie, play diversions, and do what you want on our buses.

    There is likewise an onboard toilet, so you do not have to hold it in until you reach the next stop. Nor do you have to make unscheduled stops.

    School Bus Hire
    Sometimes, it does not matter what transport you go in, as long as it is comfortable, convenient and safe to ride on. is here to help customers save on their transportation costs. The thing is, there are tour bunches out there that need some transportation.
    On the off chance that you are looking to save cash and you plan to travel just a short separation, then a school bus rental can effectively be your perfect transportation solution.

    Furthermore, while most school bus rentals don't come with air conditioners, we do have school transports that do. So ask for this convenience when you sanction a school bus from Newcastle minibus hire.
    You truly don't have to be students to book a school bus. A school bus rental is a reasonable option for our coach buses and smaller than expected transports. People are going to some of the most visited and lovely places select to get a school bus.

    Did you know that a school bus rental is around 40% less expensive than charter transports?

    Our school transport rental takes you anywhere you want to go. You can have a clean, well-maintained school bus to take your entire group. As an added reward, you get to enjoy the outside air outside. So if you are voyaging on a day with average daylight, you should contact Newcastle minibus hire and arrange for a school bus to suit your group.

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